About Us

About Us

Decades ago, FRESO was first established in New Brunswick, Canada. As a new Canadian telecommunications company offering comprehensive phone service packages for the home user, small business or large corporation, it quickly grew to become one of the fastest growing telephone service providers operating in North America.


Our philosophy has always been to bring together the best technology in a range of plans to suit any user, which save time and money without sacrificing our passion for delivering a high quality service. Our price structure offers the best value telecommunications plans in either the U.S.A. or Canada for both private and corporate clients.


FRESO Connect allows communications plans once available only to large corporations to be affordable for even the smallest of startup companies. These follow our core principle of being feature-rich but cost-effective, substituting costly and inefficient in-house phone systems with high technology off-site systems that offer a range of unique customizable features, high performance, reliability and flexibility. Your plan can be easily augmented with a range of add-on services at any time as your company grows. Whether you need to add employee management, receptionist assistance, mobile business phones or extra phone numbers that can be forwarded to your primary phone, prices remain competitive.


For the home user, our phone plan begins with the first month free of charge, enabling you to discover the full range of features from unlimited calls to the U.S.A. and Canada and low cost international calls to the ability to transfer your existing phone number or choose your own local number. The plan includes a full range of call handling features such as call waiting, forwarding, blocking and 3-way calling. A range of add-ons such as secure online management, voicemail transferred to email and secondary phone numbers come at only a small monthly charge that keeps your range of services extensive but still at an overall low cost.


Our three student phone plans offer a full range of essential features, with from 250 to 750 anytime minutes of calls to the U.S.A, Canada and 12 other countries. All plans also include the all-important unlimited text and pictures, voicemail and call display.


Freso Connect is registered with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Providing Telecommunications Services to Fredericton Homeless Shelters Free of Charge





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