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Business Phone & Hosted PBX Services

Take your business to the next level with a professional business Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. This plan gives you a reliable cloud-based business PBX system, without the necessity of purchasing or renting expensive PBX hardware.

For just 39.99 Canadian dollars a month for the first line and $14.99 a month for each additional line, we will setup your hosted PBX system with professionally customized greetings.

For each $14.99/month, your employees will receive dedicated phone and fax numbers, and will experience the convenience of extension calling and call transferring. Moreover, with unlimited calls and faxes to Canada and the United States, you will never need to worry about the next bill again.

To learn more about this business plan, please scroll down and click on the following six tabs. If you have more questions, or want to make sure your existing numbers are transferable to FRESO Connect, please feel free to chat with us by clicking on the live chat tab located on the right bottom corner of this page.


Standard FeaturesSpecial in this PlanAdd-OnsInternational RatesBundle & SaveRead More
Risk FREE Trial
Try our service for 30 days FREE of risk.
Bring Your Own Device
You can purchase a FRESO Connect Desktop Phone, or use your own VoIP device or softphone.
Excellent Voice Quality
We promise the best voice quality, and even HD quality with our phones.
UNLIMITED Calls & Fax to Canada & United States
Enjoy UNLIMITED1 calls and fax to Canada & United States.

Keep Your Existing Numbers
Transfer your existing numbers from anywhere in Canada or Unites States.

See also More Phone Number (add-on)

See also More Fax Number (add-on)

See also Toll-Free Number (add-on) 

Local Phone Number
Choose your local phone number from anywhere in Canada or United States.

See also More Phone Numbers (add-on)

See also Toll-Free Number (add-on) 

Local Fax Number
Choose your local fax number from anywhere in Canada or United States.

See also Toll-Free Number (add-on)

UNLIMITED Voicemails

Save up to 50 Voicemails

Dial *98 to listen to your voicemails, edit them or record your greeting

Fax in e-mail
Receive fax notification in your e-mail

Read your faxes in PDF format or download them.

Music on Hold
Let your clients enjoy relaxing music until you pick up the phone or when you put them on hold
Call Display
See the number and the name (if set) of the caller
Call Hold
Put the caller on hold. Focus on your task while they enjoy relaxing music.
Call Transfer
Transfer calls to any phone number or extension anywhere in the world.
Call Forward
Forward your calls to mobile phones and landlines with variety of forwarding options.

*72 to forward always, and *73 to cancel it.

*90 to forward when busy, and *91 to cancel it.

*92 to forward when no answer, and *93 to cancel it.

See also Mobile Business Phone (add-on)

Call Waiting
Don’t miss calls. See who is calling when you’re on the phone. Press flash two times to put them on hold.
3 Way Calling
Add a third party to the conversation or put on hold with press of a button.
Do Not Disturb
A great function when you need some relax time. Call *78 to enable and *79 to disable this function.
Low Cost International Calling
Our Pay Per Minute Rates are even lower than the most famous International Calling Applications.
Fully compliant with 911 regulations. For more information click here.
Customized Auto Receptionist
  • Let the auto receptionist route the calls to the relevant department or employee by asking them to dial a specific number or extension.
  • Set different auto receptionists for different days or hours according to your schedule.
  • Fully customizable with your voice or one of our professional voice artists.
Add Extensions & Locations ($14.99/month)
You can set up different extensions for departments and employees regardless of their global location. Each extension can have specific message and voice mail delivery settings. You even can assign different phone numbers for each extension.
10-Way Conference Line & Scheduler
Schedule call conferences with up to 10 attendants right from your online account.
Secure Online Management
  • Log into your secure online account anywhere in the world
  • Manage forwarding
  • Manage your voicemail greeting
  • Change your music on hold
  • See anonymous callers’ phone numbers
  • Access your live call history
  • Send and receive faxes
Secure Online Management for Employees
Your employees can have their own user name and password to access their private or shared Management Portal.

  • Log into their secured online account anywhere in the world
  • Manage forwarding
  • Manage their voicemail greeting
  • Change their music on hold
  • See anonymous callers’ phone numbers
  • Access their live call history
  • Send and receive faxes
Voicemail from Anywhere
Call your voicemail from anywhere in the world. After entering your PIN you can listen to your voicemails and even record a new greeting.
Voicemail in e-mail
Receive voicemail notification in your e-mail

Listen to your voicemails from your e-mail or download them

Fax Everywhere
Send and receive faxes from any web browser* by logging into your secure online account.

Unwanted Call Block
Stop annoying callers by blocking their phone numbers.

Even if you can’t see the phone number on your phone, we can block them for you.

Audio Identifier
Auto receptionist will ask for the caller’s name before ringing your phone. When you pick up the phone, you can hear the caller’s name, and choose between sending the call to your voicemail or accepting it.
Call Announce
When you pick up the phone, you can choose between sending the call to your voicemail or accepting it.
Call Hunt
Receive calls on up to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially and answer any of them.
Call Queue
Set up customized call queues similar to call centers. If you receive multiple calls, all of them will be put on a queue until you are available to answer the call.
Employee Management ($39.99/month)
A great feature for managers, CEOs, business owners to measure the employees’ and departments’ performance.

  • Live, monthly and daily call reports for each extension
  • Live, monthly and daily call reports for each phone number
  • Optional call audio recording for extensions of your choice.
Receptionist Assistant ($19.99/month)
It helps your receptionist to see who is available and who is on call regardless of the distance between him/her and the other employees.
Mobile Business Phone ($5.99/month/user)
Receive and make calls on your smartphone or tablet using your home phone service.

Our App works on Wi-Fi and 3G

Excellent Voice Quality

Low data usage (about 1 Megabyte/minute) 

More Phone Numbers ($2.99/month/each)
Be local anywhere in Canada & US by adding other regions’ phone numbers, and forwarding them to your main phone number.
Toll-Free Numbers ($3.99/month/user)
Add more toll-free phone or fax numbers for your departments, locations and employees.
Number Privacy ($1.99/month/user)
Hide your phone number. 

Did you know our Pay Per Minute Rates are even lower than the most famous International Calling Applications?

Pay Per Minute from 1¢:

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FRESO Connect has made it affordable for small businesses to adopt the communication options that were once available only to large enterprises.

Our technology enables uncomplicated, cost-effective and feature-rich business functionality to all businesses, removing the need for costly and less efficient on-premise phone systems. It also provides unique features, performance and reliability.

FRESO Connect provides all the functionality that an on-premise system does, and adds reliability, simplicity, speed, affordability, mobility and scalability. It also removes the logistic demands of maintaining the expensive hardware and the need for upfront investment and in-house management expertise.

Excellent Voice Technology

We provide crystal clear audio communication.

Easy to Grow

Add multiple locations and employees in a few minutes.

Low Monthly Costs

Our smart use of the cutting edge technology translates into the most competitive rates in the market.

Great Features

From customized main greeting, conference calling and live call transfer to unlimited call handling, and call blocking, FRESO provides a perfect, enterprise level phone system.

Professional Image

The extensive array of features and the quality of our system, helps to build a professional image.

Ease of Use

Your business does not need to have in-house experts to install or run a Phone Systems, which adds to the cost-effectiveness of our system.


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