Home Phone Service

Home Phone Service

For only 18.99 Canadian dollars a month and no contract, enjoy unlimited calls to Canada and the United States while protecting your family and privacy with our FREE unwanted call block feature. FRESO Connect home phone users also benefit from our affordable international long distance calling rates. To see our global rates, click on the INTERNATIONAL RATES tab below.

Why should you choose FRESO Connect? Unlike the majority of phone companies, our approach is to be honest and transparent to our clients. Therefore, we advertise our regular monthly fees with no contract, and work hard to earn our clients’ business and trust. We respect consumer rights and freedom of choice, and never charge or penalize our users for canceling their home phone service or moving their numbers to other telephone service providers. We provide a very affordable and reliable home phone service to Canadians by taking advantage of one of the best voice technologies globally available.


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Freso Connect is registered with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

FRESO Connect was rated as an A+ Home Phone Company for being one of the best Home Phone Service companies in Canada

Providing Telecommunications Services to Fredericton Homeless Shelters Free of Charge


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