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FRESO Connect | David L. | Posted: Feb 7, 2015 9:43 PM ET Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015 9:40 PM ET

Business Phone Mobility: Taking your business phone everywhere with you

The tremendous competition between businesses

Never before in the history of business operation was there such a high level of competition between companies as there are now. The inescapable reality is that it is those businesses who are in tune with the ever changing business environment and who are quick to adapt and to embrace emerging technologies and to integrate those technologies into their businesses that are going to benefit most handsomely over the long term.

Businesses understand the need to be contactable

If your customer is unable to reach you then you will not be able to obtain their business and the customer will be left with no other choice but to approach another supplier especially when there is a high demand for the specific product. Fortunately FRESO Connect created the ability of the business owner to be reachable under most circumstances regardless of where they may find themselves.

New smartphone app integrates smartphone with business line

With this groundbreaking Business Phone Everywhere add-on there is no need to be out of reach ever again because we link your smartphone with your business line and you can if you choose answer your business phone from your FRESO Connect. This gives the business owner better control over their businesses and ensures that are always reachable.

The need to interact with your customers

One critical thing that social media has taught the business community is that the more effectively you are able to interact with your customer the more likely you are to receive the support of that customer and his business. Smartphones has made all of that possible. It is now possible for businesses to stay in contact with their customers 24 hours a day if such uninterrupted contact is necessary. There can be no doubt that a company with this kind of commitment has a much better chance of impressing their customer than the businesses that are not retaining this critical contact with their customers.

The technology is in place no expensive upgrades are required

Our latest smartphone app comes with all you need and there is enough support available to make almost anything possible and more features are created every day and there can be no doubt that valuable role of FRESO Connect App is increasing and businesses are going to become more and more reliant on this kind of technology. Besides, it is technology which is readily available and it does not require expensive system upgrades because smartphone operating systems already have the ability to deal with most of the consumer’s needs.

Smartphones are simply a sensible alternative

In most cases a large quantity of employees in any company already owns a suitable smartphone which they use to communicate with family and friends on social media and through email and that same phone could be used to make such an employee more productive. There can be no doubt that we are entering a future where the Business Phone Everywhere Add-On is going to become increasingly necessary in the normal operations of all businesses.

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