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FRESO Connect | David L. | Posted: May 12, 2015 2:45 PM ET Last Updated: May 12, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Call Blocking: The benefits of junk call blocking

Every phone number represents an opportunity to businesses

There is so much competition in the business world today and that is why businesses are always on the lookout for new customers. Phoning potential customer is one of the ways in which businesses reach out to consumers. However it is no longer a joke when a consumer is receiving several calls per day with some eager person attempting to hold them on the line for several minutes. Fortunately there are now ways like spam call blocking in which consumers can protect themselves and to make it almost impossible for businesses to reach them by phone. One of these methods is simply to register on the National do not call registry. When you register you have a choice whether you would like to receive telemarketing calls on your home phone. After been on this database for 30 days telemarketing calls should cease but if they don’t consumers can lodge a complaint. All phone number registration is free.

Unwanted phone calls is a wide spread problem

There are over 200 million numbers registered on the National do not call registry but sometimes calls may still slip through for various reasons. On average 190000 complaints are received monthly about unwanted calls. Charity organizations are not under any legal obligation to honor your request not to be bothered however they are not stupid and therefore they are unlikely to contact someone who is not willing to be contacted. Besides charities there are a few other organizations who are exempt for phone call restrictions like political organizations and opinion survey companies regardless of whether those calls are made to your home or business phone. However some who claim to be opinion survey companies are in fact only imposter who is trying to get as much information as possible out of you. They know exactly how to push the right buttons like enquiring about your feelings regarding the economy or politics and then they move on to your finances like how many credit cards you have and your credit card balances. These are the ones which belong on a call black list.

Free junk call blocking feature

FRESO Connect has a free feature known as Call Blocking/ Junk Call blocking that enables people to activate call blocking, effectively preventing unwanted callers from reaching them. This feature has the ability to look up all unknown numbers. There are several ways in which it can deal with these problems. It could block calls from a specific individual or it could even block an area code. The reality is that there is no need for people to be inundated by unwanted calls since it is possible to deal with this problem in this way. Understanding exactly how the National do not call registry works as well as additional tools like free call blocking feature help to significantly reduce unwanted phone calls.

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