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FRESO Connect | David L. | Posted: May 12, 2015 5:50 PM ET Last Updated: May 12, 2015 5:50 PM ET

Hosted PBX: The advantages of hosted PBX, which also know as cloud PBX and VoIP PBX

Why should people consider hosted PBX?

Generally hosted PBX requires a very low up front investments since there are no need for expensive hardware installations at your home or at your business premises. Anyone who makes the decision to choose hosted PBX will quickly see that there is a significant saving when using these systems compared to a traditional phone system. Generally, expected monthly expenses can be better controlled resulting in significantly lower monthly bills with the added benefit of really cost effective rates both for long-distance and local calls. The benefits does not stop there since they are often additional calling features which may include voicemail to email and even fax to email. If you are traveling a lot there is even a feature allowing for remote call management which is a really convenient when you are not in the office or in the immediate vicinity of your telephone. Another feature is the auto attendant and even a sophisticated voice messaging system.

Ownership is costing a lot less

There will be a significant saving especially on monthly communication service fees. There are no longer any need for physical phone lines because the technology which is employed by a hosted VoIP solution will operate separately and all that is required is to have a VoIP ready handset and a data connection. All other expensive boxes or systems are totally unnecessary and is not required at all. Many people invest in telephone systems that are extremely complicated and that requires continual technical assistance in order to perform at acceptable levels but this is not the case with hosted PBX. These systems require almost no IT support and it is so simple to operate these systems that very little training is required in order to add users, delete users and mastering the process of adding additional features, all of these can be learned without the need of additional support. It is very often businesses that are adapting to the changing technological environment that are in a better position to compete with in the industry.

A stable infrastructure

If any problems are encountered it is mostly a simple process to resolve those issues allowing the business to quickly recover from all such situations and to get back on track in the shortest possible time often while other businesses are going through time-consuming re-building processes. Many of the traditional communication systems relies on infrastructure which are very vulnerable to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake and even other risks. Because your hosted PBX system does not rely on local infrastructure these kind of natural disasters have only a very limited influence upon your communication system. A substantial additional benefit is the fact that even your employees in remote locations will always remain in contact which could be a significant advantage in your line of business. Such a hosted PBX system is extremely versatile which make it the perfect system for a fast-growing business since it is a relatively simple process to expand the system so that it can continue to serve the business optimally and satisfactorily.

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