The importance of toll-free numbers for businesses


FRESO Connect | David L. | Posted: May 17, 2015 2:51 PM ET Last Updated: May 17, 2015 2:51 PM ET

1-800: The importance of toll-free and vanity numbers for businesses

Is there really any benefit in a toll free number?

There are many business owners that have been asking themselves this exact same question and it is simply an indisputable fact that there can be no doubt that any business regardless of its size can most definitely benefit from such a toll free number. Many business owners have this notion that it is only large corporations with well established brands that make use of toll free numbers but this is a fallacy, the truth is any business can reap the considerable benefits that comes from having a toll free number and some of those benefits include an increased return on investment and better sales.

The marketing benefits of a toll free numbers

Many business owners have discovered that having a toll free number allows them to get a better overall picture of how successful their marketing efforts are. For those that are still skeptical, consider the facts. You may have various promotional tools like a large billboard in a highly visible location and you may have a well-established webpage and possibly also printed media but the fact is that having a toll free number associated with each one of those efforts will indicate exactly how well each of those efforts are doing or not doing, allowing you to make improvisations where necessary. Various business owners has experienced firsthand the indisputable benefits which have ensued from the use of such a toll free number.

A toll free number lends credibility to your business

It just seems just a business that have setup a toll free number are seen as more honest and are having an easier time of convincing the public that the company are serious about customer service and putting the customer first. And that benefit will persist whether you are running a large corporation or whether you are running a tiny setup out of your family home and such a toll free number is especially beneficial for a new startup business since it allows the business to accurately gauge the perception of the consumer and how the new business are viewed by the consumer. This kind of information could be priceless and it could help you to align your startup business better with the needs of the consumer.

Personalized toll-free numbers are easier to remember

There are many businesses that are making use of personalized toll free numbers or otherwise known as vanity numbers like for instance 1-800-justice if you are a legal business which is simply a lot easier to remember than an ordinary number and this will always result in more phone calls because it is easier for customers to remember those numbers and any such advantages which your business holds over the competition will always convert to more business and increased profits.

A toll free number works in all locations

A company which are relocating without a toll free number may struggle to regain their popularity in a new location because their contact numbers would have to change and this could result in a serious break in communication with their existing customers. However this will not happen when the company has a personalized toll free number which they can take with them wherever they go and therefore the impact which a relocation will have on their business will be reduced substantially.

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