VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol


FRESO Connect | David L. | Posted: May 13, 2015 3:18 PM ET Last Updated: May 13, 2015 3:18 PM ET

VoIP: What is VoIP and what are advantages of using VoIP?

Why Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

One of the primary reasons for the development of VoIP was in order to ensure that voice communications would be available in every location all over the planet. Traditional methods of communication can be very costly to implement and requires a substantial amount of infrastructure. There are many logistical problems which has to be overcome in order to have a conversation with a person that may be living thousands of kilometers away. The traditional methods of communication will always be considerably more expensive and may result in very large communication bills. This is exactly why voice over IP was developed because it is providing more effective communication’s at a considerably lower cost. As with every new technological advancement there are a few limitations to voice over IP but everyone who has switched to VoIP is in total agreement that the advantages of the system far outweighs the few drawbacks.

What exactly is the benefits of VoIP?

There are quite a few ways in which voice over IP can be used to improve communication’s wherever they may be needed even at your business as your business phone or at your home or any place else that you may choose for those communication’s. Despite the many advantages of VoIP there are still many people using the old traditional methods of communication and most likely that is the old packet switched telephone network (PSTN) where people are spending lots of money for every single minute for which they are on that telephone line. Then we are not even talking about international telephone calls which are significantly more expensive over this traditional communication systems. On the other hand VoIP is quite different since it functions over the World Wide Web and therefore the only cost which you will have will be your monthly bill which you will be paying to your VoIP provider. Naturally it will be necessary to use a relatively fast type of broadband at least something in the range of ADSL. In fact one of the most popular Internet services which people are using today is ADSL and when you use such a system then your monthly account will always remain the same without any extra cost.

VoIP is simply superior

You can communicate for long as you like over VoIP and you will never pay more than the amount to which you have agreed with you VoIP provider. There are some statistics which are based on extensive research which has determined that VoIP can save you at least 40% on all of your local calls and as much as 90% on international calls. The old traditional telephone lines were very limited and only allowed one person to communicate at a specific time but with VoIP there are no such limitations and therefore it is excellent for conferences were a whole group of people can communicate at the same time without any problems. VoIP uses sophisticated processes that actually allows for the compression of data packets and therefore there are no backups as that data are passed over the carrier. This allows for large amounts of data and therefore more communication’s to be handled at the same time.

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