What will eventually happen to landline phones?


FRESO Connect | David L. | Posted: June 20, 2015 7:18 PM ET Last Updated: June 20, 2015 7:18 PM ET

The Future of Landline Phones: What will eventually happen to landline phones?

Internet-based phones are just so much superior

The Internet has changed so many things for civilization as well as the way in which people are communicating and many people are now able to connect with family or friends over very long distances by pushing a single button. Communication over international borders does not pose a problem at all to new Internet-based communications and even video calls with family and friends are a distinct possibility and is already happening on a frequent basis. Many extraordinary experiences which a family may have, can be shared with another family hundreds of kilometers away because of new technologies in the way in which communication takes place. All of these things are possible with VoIP technology and VoIP has introduced a new and effective way of communication for everyone where ever they may find themselves.

VoIP is just so easy to use

Anyone who has being exposed to VoIP will know that is just as easy to use as any landline phone but that is where the comparison ends because with the VoIP communications system there are none of the limitations which existed with the old landline systems. With the old landline systems there were sometimes compatibility problems when the person which is being communicated with live in a country that was on a different system which could complicate the communications process. Many say that this is exactly why international calls were often very expensive because of the compatibility issues which have existed. Fortunately with new technology there are greater uniformity and therefore those compatibility issues simply do not apply to VoIP.

VoIP allows for greater mobility

A landline phone could only be used in one location but this is not the case with VoIP which uses the Internet in order to transfer voice and data communications and this allows a person with VoIP to communicate from any part of the planet wherever an Internet connection is available efficient and cost effective communication will be possible. The dependency of land lines on kilometers of wiring was a constant source of frustration but with VoIP any wiring is extremely limited thereby eliminating the possibility of breakdown and costly maintenance processes which actually causes an increase in the cost of those systems. With landline systems there has to be a centralized control system and all major upgrades and integration of the system has to be done from the central location. With VoIP the administration are done from your computer providing you with larger control over your own communications network.

Utilizing the World Wide Web

The expansion of the World Wide Web was truly remarkable and it has done so much for civilization in many exciting ways. Likewise the possibilities which it had provided to businesses and individuals in order to communicate more effectively is difficult to calculate. But in order to get an idea one only has to think back to the days before Internet and the limited systems which were available for communication in those days. All that have been changed forever by the Internet and by the sophistication of the VoIP communications system.

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