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FRESO Connect Business Phone | David L. | Posted: June 25, 2015 2:50 PM ETLast Updated: June 27, 2015 1:12 AM ET

How can an auto attendant phone system help you in growing your business?

This article is about what is an auto attendant and how can it help your business to increase its revenue and to create a more professional image for your company?

Competition in the business environment is escalating.

Which is better? Letting the potential customers call your company time after time without getting a response; or to make use of an auto attendant, which could provide the customer with at least some information about your company? In our current competitive environment, time is money and unless the customers can convert their time over the phone into some opportunity, they will soon start to consider other options. It happens when they seem to get nowhere with you. An automated attendant can be programmed to give the customer a substantial amount of information about your services. It could even provide alternative contact information. This might make the difference between the success and the failure of your company.

An auto attendant could transfer calls.

Instead of depending on a single employee to answer all calls and transfer each of those calls to the relevant person, an auto attendant could be programmed to transfer calls. Technically, this turns every employee into a receptionist, instead of one person carrying the burden of all incoming calls. This burden is now shared equally by everyone of your staff. The likelihood of losing a big client is reduced significantly, and at the end of the day your profits increases considerably. Your decision to invest in an auto attendant is justified beyond any doubt. Some of these telephone systems have 20 or more incoming lines, and this means the chances of calls going unattended is basically zero.

Even a one-man business could benefit.

You may be running your business with a single employee, where you are in contact with a large number of people simultaneously. In this case an auto attendant maybe the only way to ensure that none of those calls are lost. Such a system will keep records of all incoming calls allowing you to contact them at a more convenient time. Therefore, an automated attendant is an absolute must. Especially when you are dealing with large volumes of customers, and you need to keep records of those calls.

Make sure the recorded auto attendant message and greeting is relevant.

This is an excellent opportunity for marketing, and such an opportunity should never be wasted. You should ensure that the prerecorded message does something for you. If you are uncertain about how to create an effective message, you can contact a professional. Advertising cost is expensive, and that is why any opportunity to broadcast the expertise of your company should be used as fully as possible.

The human touch is may be the preferred method, but

There can be no doubt that speaking to a real human might be still the preferable option for most people. However, in today’s pressurized business environment the needs to cut cost and to remain as competitive as possible are equally necessary. That is why it remains the most viable alternative.

The Advantages of FRESO Connect Auto Attendant Service:

The FRESO Connect Enterprise plan comes with all standard features of a Business Phone and the followings for a monthly price of $39.99. The pricing is very affordable and inexpensive which even small businesses can benefit. Moreover, you can cancel your service anytime without any penalties. There is no upfront cost, and the system comes pre-installed and turned key to your doorstep.


  • Let the auto receptionist route the calls to the relevant department or employee by asking them to dial a specific number or extension.
  • Set different auto receptionists for different days or hours according to your schedule.
  • Fully customizable with your voice or one of our professional voice artists with no additional charges.

ADD EXTENSIONS & LOCATIONS ($14.99/MONTH): You can set up different extensions for departments and employees regardless of their global location. Each extension can have specific message and voice mail delivery settings. You even can assign different phone numbers for each extension.

AUDIO IDENTIFIER: Auto receptionist will ask for the caller’s name before ringing your phone. When you pick up the phone, you can hear the caller’s name, and choose between sending the call to your voicemail or accepting it.

CALL ANNOUNCE: When you pick up the phone, you can choose between sending the call to your voicemail or accepting it.

CALL HUNT: Receive calls on up to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially and answer any of them.

CALL QUEUE: Set up customized call queues similar to call centers. If you receive multiple calls, all of them will be put on a queue until you are available to answer the call.

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